Welcome to The Fitness Bar...

Our goal is to build community through fitness.   We will be your refuge, your mood changer, and your fitness home.  A place to escape for an hour of your day to take care of YOU!  Think of it as your mental and physical health get-away.  You deserve to be strong and healthy and we will help you do it.

Using a variety of intensities and methods, not only will you build your muscles, metabolism, heart, and lungs, but you will be moving in ways you didn't think possible. We will help you realize you can be stronger and more agile than you imagined. We love making our students healthier, while making their days happier.

We love to talk food.  You will be supported with nutritional knowledge of what to eat to make you stronger along with a new way to think about and appreciate your body.

Any age or fitness level is welcome here.  If you are a seasoned veteran to fitness or are a fresh newcomer, you will find a class that is dynamic, innovative, and challenging. Group fitness is not just for women and girls.  Guys, deserve to be fit too.  Having agility, mobility, flexibility and strength will make all aspects of your life easier. When you are working, golfing, running, or just trying to keep up with your friends and family, being fit and strong will make everything easier and your life better. 

Whether you are on a team or not, you'll FEEL like you are a part of a team with The Fitness Bar. You know the feeling when you walk into a room and you aren't sure who you know or where to sit...