Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much are your classes?

2019 “Happy Hour” Pricing

 6 week Progressive Training Classes

 HIIT / LITE   $85     bi-weekly      6 weeks   ~  12 classes  ~  You choose your permanent time.

  Individual  Classes  

May include:

Shockwave / Battle Ropes / MetCon / Fit Barre / Rope N Row / Empowered / TRX / Balance Training / Ride N Row / Hi Lo / Pilates / LITE Weights / LIFT /  Kickboxing / Ironman / Power Yoga / Strengthen Lengthen Tone (SLT)

 Single class:                                       $12     ($12)

 5 class pack:                                      $50    ($10)              

10 class pack:                                     $90     ($9)

 10 class HIIT / LITE Special pack:    $80     (Discounted for our full time HIIT/LITE                                                                                                   students only)

 25 class pack:                                   $200   ($8)

 50 class pack:                                   $350   ($7)

 Monthly All-Access Pass                  $100 per month Includes HIIT /  LITE and                                                                                   all individual classes                                                                                                                     Billed through autopay,  2 consecutive month minimum                                                                  One payment~ no other worries

 Monthly All-Access Pass (non HIIT participant) $100 per month

Your 1st Fitness Bar class is free!    Share the love…Refer a friend with our card and YOU get a free class.   To guarantee your equipment and class, please reserve your spot in the free Mind Body app.

  • Where can I find a calendar?

The Mind Body Connect app has all of our current classes.  It is a free app in your app store or you can access it on your desktop as well. Go to the tab "BOOK A CLASS" at the top of this screen.

  • Do you have child care?

We do not have child care, but if your child is old enough to sit while you workout, we have space for them to hang out.  If they are not able to be content for an hour of your workout, it is probably best to find other arrangements for them so as not to bother any other people in the class.  And this is your time for you!

  • Can I just drop in and work out on my own?

We are not a drop-in gym.  We are strictly group fitness classes.

  • Is there an age requirement?

FitBar Kids is a class for K-4th, and 5th-8th, The Off Season is for High School.  We have had many high schoolers participate in our regular group classes and we have had 80 years old working right along with them!